Tukino daily skifield reports

SnowPhone:  (06)825 8111
Web: www.tukino.org
Radio:  Peak FM or Ski FM


General enquiries:

Phone:  0800-TUKINO (0800 885-466)
Email:  info@tukino.org
Post:  TMCA, PO Box 1945, Taupo 3351


Tukino ski field

Phone:  (06) 387-6294
Email:  tukino_skifield@tukino.org

Ski club membership enquiries:

Desert Alpine Club Inc.:   joanne.p.leggett@gmail.com


Aorangi Ski Club Inc.:  membership@aorangi.org

Tukino Alpine Sports Club Inc: (TASC)

Membership:  membership@tukino.nz

Email:  info@tukino.nz

Web: www.tukino.nz


Tukino ski/snowboard development squad

Phone:  0800-TUKINO (0800 885-466)
Email:  squad@tukino.org


School group bookings

Phone:  0800-TUKINO (0800 885-466)
Email:  info@tukino.org


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